RAKSO Steel Wool – 200g

RAKSO STEEL WOOL is available in nine grades which are all arranged in an easy-to-use colour-coded system: YELLOW represents fine wool, ORANGE is medium and RED is coarse.

The fine wools, numbered 0000, 000 and 00, can be used for smoothing wood after staining, reapplying wax to waxed wood, cleaning plastic blinds and garden furniture thoroughly yet gently, and buffing up aluminium, copper and brass.

The medium wools, numbered 0, 1 and 2, can be used for smoothing wood after priming, removing old paint with solvents, sanding plasterboard, removing residual dirt from tiles and stone flooring, and polishing copper piping and fittings prior to soldering.

The coarse wools, numbered 3, 4 and 5, are ideal for accentuating the natural grain of softwoods (e.g. pine and spruce), scratch-free cleaning of glass stone and glass bricks, and for giving a distressed shabby-chic look to old coats of varnish and paint.


Find the suitable steel wool grade for your purposes.


RAKSO steel wool is used for sanding wood after priming and before applying a first coat of paint. Ideal for polishing waxed wood. It accentuates the natural structure of wooden surfaces.


Removes old varnish from antiques in combination with a varnish remover. Roughens old painted surfaces before the application of new paint.


Cleans copper pipes and fittings before soldering. Removes stubborn dirt, superficial rust, oil, limescale and hard water deposits.


Ideal for removing grease and dirt from plastic blinds and garden chairs. Can be used for cleaning of glass bricks and tiles reliably and scratch-free.