RAKSO Steel Shavings – 150g

RAKSO STEEL SHAVINGS are made from even coarser, stronger steel fibres than RAKSO Steel Wool. They are available in four grades: FINE, MEDIUM, COARSE and EXTRA COARSE

By using RAKSO STEEL SHAVINGS with solvents, you can strip strongly grained wood and remove stubborn dirt from metal, stone and ceramic surfaces.


Find the suitable steel wool grade for your purposes.


RAKSO steel wool is used for sanding wood after priming and before applying a first coat of paint. Ideal for polishing waxed wood. It accentuates the natural structure of wooden surfaces.


Removes old varnish from antiques in combination with a varnish remover. Roughens old painted surfaces before the application of new paint.


Cleans copper pipes and fittings before soldering. Removes stubborn dirt, superficial rust, oil, limescale and hard water deposits.


Ideal for removing grease and dirt from plastic blinds and garden chairs. Can be used for cleaning of glass bricks and tiles reliably and scratch-free.