RAKSO STOP-IT consists of 17 rust free steel wool rolls in two sizes and a RAKSO wooden tamper.

The steel wool serves as an effective defence against mice, rats and all other rodents, vermin and pests. The steel wool fibres cannot be chewed, creating an impenetrable barrier.

  • Quick and easy plugging of holes, joints and cracks. The RAKSO wooden tamper makes it easy to press the steel wool in deep.
  • Stop rodents and pests at common entry points such as holes and crevices on windows, pipe ends, roof tiles, wall cracks, vents, etc.
  • The stainless steel wool provides a durable seal without aggressive chemicals. Control small unwanted guests in an environmentally friendly way and avoid the use of traps and poisons with RAKSO STOP-IT.
  • The concentrated peppermint oil drives away nasty rodents. The smell naturally evicts the pests.